“To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.”

- John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 1801 – 1835

TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. coaching and consulting is more than training for a career. Our coaches and consultants are trained with tools and resources, which prepares them to build strong and healthy relationships with their clients.

  • The personal and professional qualities of our coaches and consultants are unique to their experience and expertise. Each of our coaches and consultants has intellect, skill sets and expertise in their area of career focus.
  • At the foundation of our coaches and consultants leadership is their character and the value they bring to helping their clients build self-awareness, self-management and credibility of influence.
  • Our coaches and consultants leadership blueprint inspires a career of living and leading well with purpose.

Our coaches and consultants use the TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. Leadership Methodology. With their expertise they lead their clients to discover and develop the qualities of their leadership. Clients build their leadership capacity to deliver exceptional outcomes.

TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. Coaches and Consultants focus is to support their client’s and the success of their leadership. Every coach and consultant is trained to inspire their client’s or TEAM to be their best and do their best in life and work. We want every client to THRIVE!

Disclaimer: All coaches are considered Independent Contractor’s. They are not employees of TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC.