“I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Tess Cox a few years ago as our organization underwent Leadership Self Awareness and Development training. The training program and content was superb but I am not sure the experience would have been quite the same without Tess's helpful insight and personal coaching. She is a very kind, generous and professional soul that has left an indelible impression of trust and support on me that I obviously still carry to this day. When I reflect back on my training with her, I feel encouraged and inspired all over again.”

~Medical Professional - Palm Springs, California

“When I first met Tess I knew I had a lot of work to do. I had reached a dead end in my leadership journey many times, too afraid and unsure of myself to climb over the barriers that kept standing in my way from true success.

Tess was willing to accompany me on my journey. She worked a program that was custom tailored to suit my needs and helped me discover my true north.

With tools in place, my business is starting to really take off. Tess has taught me transitional leadership in the 21st century. Her compassionate and loving approach has been a real blessing in my life and career.”

~Business Owner - Santa Maria, California

“Working with Tess has refocused my leadership towards a better understanding and controlling of emotions, giving positive momentum towards intentional actions for the good of all. It is great to have a cheerleader rooting for your success!”

~Banking Professional - Central California

“Tess Cox has been my leadership coach for well over three years. She helped guide me during a significant and delicate transition in management at our resale boutique, Closet on Main. She has been indispensable in helping me understand the strengths and limitations of my staff and how to bring out their best for the organization. She assisted me with executing several difficult but necessary staff conversations. Most importantly, she did all this without telling me what to do; her expert guidance and pertinent questions led me to important realizations and necessary decisions. I have become a better leader and Single Mothers Outreach has benefitted greatly from the wisdom of Tess Cox's coaching. I can't recommend her enough!”

~ DaAnne Smith, Executive Director, Single Mother’s Outreach - Los Angeles, California

“Through the careful, expert coaching of Tess Cox I am beginning to not only grasp,
but whole-heartedly embrace the concept of being my own leader. Not that I haven't practiced this reality before but all too often I have lead by following or acquiescing. The result of this pattern of decision-making & interaction found me in a place of fatigue & discouragement.

The coaching of Tess Cox has shown a light on why I choose to make the decisions I make & how that not only impacts me personally but my colleagues & family as well. We DO have options. When I employ what I've learned I open myself up to more possibilities based in the truth of who I am and what I do best.
Life is good.
Thank you, Tess!”

~Author/Musician - Franklin, Tennessee

Yorleni Sapp - ED of Single Mothers Outreach - Non-profit

Martin Rodriguez - WINTRUST MORTGAGE - Business / Real Estate/Lender

Christopher Nichols - Chino Valley Ranchers - AGRI Business

Kullen Burk - Pearce Services - Exec in TECH Business

Lisa Bodrogi - Cuvee Connections - Land Use Business

Jeana Hultquist - American AG Credit - Banking

Bob Smith - Philips - Medical Tech Business