First and foremost, we value our client relationships.

  • We endeavor to bring our clients the highest quality of leadership through our character, competence, communication and expertise.
  • We are committed to consistently train thoughtful and influential leaders.
  • We are passionate and curious about the lives and careers of our clients.
  • We fully support great leadership to thrive in life and work on behalf of our clients and ourselves.
  • We are confident in this:“The way we lead ourselves today…matters for where we find ourselves tomorrow.”


Tess Cox ~ Principal

Tess Cox is the Principal of TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC., a Sr. Executive Coaching and Consulting Organization. As a global Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer, with over 24 years experience, Tess has a passion for personally developing people.

Her focus and expertise is to work with leaders who desire to strengthen their effectiveness and influence when leading others.

Her emphasis in consulting is to help teams develop and utilize their collective strengths to do extraordinary work.

“Increasing the skills, talents and competencies of leaders, whether individual or team, builds an incredible amount of trust when working together on behalf of common goals. It is a privilege to enter into every leaders life and work.”

Tess lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Dean of 35 years, along with their chocolate lab, “Cooper”. She has two grown children who live in San Francisco and New York City. She loves traveling, gardening and champagne. Her philosophy in living – “My passion is for my family and creating a legacy of loving and lasting memories.”

Tess volunteers at Single Mother’s Outreach, where she helps single moms rebuild their lives with confidence and skills, which creates a sustainable family.

Tess has a Masters Degree from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Danielle Burk ~ Coach

Danielle Burk has twenty plus years of business experience. Her focus and expertise are in change management and business and leadership development. She enjoys helping her clients unlock the strengths of their leadership behaviors to reach their desired goals, whether individually or as a team.

TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. values Danielle’s warm and enthusiastic approach. She has the ability to lead her clients thru the coaching leadership journey, whether working one-on-one or with a team. “Danielle has a wonderful ability to create strong relationships with her clients and develop a learning experience that resonates with others.” (Tess Cox, Principal of TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC.)

Danielle is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo California with a degree of Bachelor of Science in animal science. She is an advocate for the agriculture industry and desires to be a part of the agribusiness future in creating influential leadership. She is a proud alumni of the prestigious California Agriculture Leadership program, which she says, “Changed her life and outlook on leading herself well”. Danielle believes in the TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. vision – “Influencing leaders to discover, develop and deliver their leadership blueprint.” She knows results as she sees leaders thrive and influence great outcomes.

Danielle calls the Central Coast of California home with her husband and daughter. She enjoys riding horses and gardening.

For more information please contact Danielle

Rachelle Antinetti ~ Tess Cox & Associates Coach

Rachelle Antinetti is incredibly passionate, as she uses her 20 plus years of professional business development to help young adults launch strong and healthy careers. In college, she recruited her peers and led an extensive internship program throughout the state of California, which is why her passion continues to focus on building intern programs for businesses. "Rachelle thrives in helping jump start intern careers through job shadowing, mentoring and coaching." (Tess Cox, Principal of TC & A)

Rachelle's success effectively implements tools and resources she has gained through leadership seminars, professional coaching and work experience. "Using the Tess Cox and Associates evaluation tools to discover my strengths has been incredibly effective in communication and adoption of business ideas in my personal career. I want to share these tools with students so they can successfully jump-start their careers. This is a real win-win for businesses desperately seeking great new-hires!"

Rachelle is a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Crop Science. She has worked in various parts of the Agriculture Industry including Plant Health, Water Quality and Regulatory Compliance. She is a graduate of the Great Valley Center’s Institute and Development of Emerging Area Leaders, The California Agricultural Leadership Program, and served as a County Planning Commissioner and City Council Member. 

Rachelle lives in the heart of the Central Valley of California, between Yosemite and San Francisco. Her Husband David is her biggest fan and together they are raising three busy teens. They enjoy traveling, sports and any time they can go to the beach.

For more information please email Rachelle at:

Heidi Harris ~ Leadership Blueprint Coach

Heidi Carpenter-Harris is an enthusiastic lover of life and has a zest for supporting people as they discover their value. Heidi has worked in conservation for 20 plus years, working with farmers, ranchers and forestland owners to develop plans to meet and achieve their land management goals. As Heidi listens, understands and supports landowners, they discover their authentic goals and objectives.

Heidi grew up in the Mountains of Northern California. Heidi's heritage is a mosaic of love, tradition, tragedy, trials, and perseverance. "Her life and professional experiences fuel her passion to support and inspire people through coaching with THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT." ((Tess Cox, Principal of TC & A and Partner with TLB)

Heidi holds a Bachelors Degree in Rangeland Resource Science from Humboldt State University. Currently studying Organizational Leadership as a Masters student at Simpson University. Heidi is a graduate and Fellow of the California Agricultural Leadership Program (CALF). Heidi was co-lead for the California USDA-Natural Resource’s Conservation Service Leadership Development Program. Heidi is on the California Agricultural Leadership Development Programs DC Exchange team that brings national leaders to California for agricultural tours. Heidi has chosen to make Leadership Development, Coaching and Public Speaking her fulltime ambition.

Heidi lives on her family's heritage land with her husband and two children. Heidi is an active member of her community and church. Heidi is an advocate for California Agriculture, Conservation and rural communities.

For more information please email Heidi at:

Chelsea Gillman ~ Tess Cox & Associates Coach

Leadership Coach with a focus on our Hospitality division for our Elevate Leadership Program. As a past senior hospitality executive, Chelsea understands what it means to meet and surpass targeted profit margins within the business, consistently striving to exceed expectations, anticipate needs, and connect directly with each guest and associate. Working in the hospitality industry brings her true joy and it is with great joy that we welcome her to the TC&A TEAM!

Ashley Prange ~ Tess Cox & Associates Social Media Analyst

Social Media Analyst with expertise in building and supporting marketing strategies, research and implementing successful social media practices. Ashley is an experienced Graphic Designer skilled in Marketing Strategy, Logo Design, Web Design, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We are extremely happy to have Ashley a part of the TC&A TEAM!

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