TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC. is dedicated to furthering leadership growth and development in a communal and roundtable environment. The following educational leadership seminars are designed to grow individual leadership, further develop team leadership and increase cultural organizational knowledge.

The leadership institute seminars are highly interactive using an adaptive model of dialogue for learning with others.

With learning at the forefront our participants experience the following:

  • A place to process and learn
  • An opportunity to think critically and objectively with others
  • An occasion to create strategy for new habits and behaviors with others
  • An environment to enhance self-awareness in order to self-manage behaviors with others
  • An advantage in leading with greater confidence


  • The 5C’s of Leadership – What defines you as a leader?
  • “Just Listen” seminars and facilitation – Do you really listen?
  • TEAM SWOT analysis facilitation – The strengths, weakness/gaps, opportunities and threats that influences your decision making every day.
  • The defining of Leadership vs. Management – Do you really know the difference and why they both are necessary?
  • The root cause of conflict – Yes, conflict is always in the room.
  • Your unique culture – Understanding your culture and creating a new culture.
  • Emotional Intelligent Leadership – What is it?
  • Succession Planning – Every organization needs a leadership plan for the future.