Becoming The Architect of Your Life and Work
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Becoming the Architect of Your Life and Work
by Tess Cox and Dan Klawer


THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT – Becoming the Architect of Your Life and Work Coaching engagement is for Leaders who want to continue to learn, grow and develop their leadership mindset and skill sets.

Think of a top performer, in any field - typically, they have a coach or mentor to help them reach the next level of skill, accomplishment and / or success they want to achieve.

A coach helps top performers assess what habits are working well for them and what habits need to be improved.
A coach guides top performers to adjust their behaviors for better outcomes.
A coach identifies what improvement is needed in order to move forward and achieve best results.
This is “Why” we have added the coaching engagement opportunity for our readers who are learners. Our coaching will give our learners the opportunity for their learning to be enhanced, for their experience of reading to be more rewarding and for their full participation to be transforming.


invites our readers to have access to a dialogue with one of our trained coaches. They will facilitate learning in the following ways:

Listening to you
Asking clarifying questions to help you process and think
Encouraging you to make good and healthy decisions of your choosing that will move you forward in your life and work
Supporting you to create things in your life that will help you achieve your desired goals and outcomes
Helping you identify how you can build strong relationships that will support the life you want to live
We look forward to being your LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT COACH.